Synthesis II (2008)

Press kit + reviews


completely absolutely perfectly

A performance work by Peter Trosztmer created in choreographic collaboration with Thea Patterson using material researched with: Sarah Febbraro, Katie Ward, Dean Makarenko, Catherine Tardif, and Jacob Wren. Composer: Eric Craven, Lighting Designer and Décor: Jeremy Gordaneer, Art Work: Michael Beard,

The Piece

“completely absolutely perfectly” exposes fragility and vulnerability in a world where these are not always valued traits … Madness, beauty, romance, impropriety, unselfconsciousness, risk.

Through an investigation of disruption and the idea of breaking the rules of audience expectations and chorographic/performance conventions, “completely absolutely perfectly” plays with the line of going almost too far… while never going far enough. Thematically I am exploring the concepts of repression and denial, being what I am commenting on in order to experience these issues from the inside out.

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