Bio: Peter

Peter Trosztmer

Peter is an award-wining dancer and choreographer – Most notably: his first choreography “Synthesis as Composure – Painful but unequivocal truth” was revered as of 5 top shows of 2006 in the Montreal Hour and La Press.   His 3rd and most personal work Eesti: Myths and Machines:  was again noted as one of the highly esteemed shows of 2012 by the Voir Montreal.   His work on the multimedia 4DART piece Norman also obtained many accolades and toured extensively winning an Angel Award at the Brighton Festival UK (2009) and best perfromance Toronto Star.  Peter continues to define his place as a creator who is invested in work that is sensitive, deeply researched and physically realized. His co-authored article “Collaboration as Practice The Winding Road” was presented at the Canadian Society for Dance Scholars Conference 2012.  Peter is current research is focused on his work with Zack Settle (artist in residence at LA SAT) and Osman Zeki (Creative technician and programmer).   Together they have developed two ground breaking immersive works using movment tracking and augmented reality.    Peter is artist in residence at Techno Lith – New City Gas in Griffintown where he created and performed what have become his signature works “5 out of 6 Machines” and  #boxtape.  After receiving his B.A. in Classics, Peter studied at the Concordia University Department of Contemporary Dance before moving to Toronto to complete the School of the Toronto Dance Theatre training program. Since then, he has distinguished himself as in interpreter of the highest caliber and has worked and continues to collaborate with many national and international choreographers.

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