Synthesis I (2006)

A series : Collective Collaboration – the first of which is called “Painful but Unequivocal Truth”

Press Kit – French

Press Kit – English

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A performance work by Peter Trosztmer created in choreographic collaboration with Margie Gillis, José Navas, Martin F Bélanger, Thea Patterson, Sarah Febbraro, Sharon Moore, Victor Quijada. Composer: Eric Craven, Lighting Designer: Lucie Bazzo, Theoretical Mentor: Dr. Larry Lavender of University of North Carolina Greensboro, Art Work: Michael Beard, Décor: Jeremy Gordaneer.



Synthesis as Composure – is the title given to a series of works that explore the degree of flexibility offered by, and inherent in, the role of interpretation as well as the creative responsibility of the choreographer. The result is a premeditated look at issues of ownership, process, and collaboration.


The first piece in the series: Painful but Unequivocal Truth was developed from collaborative choreographic exploration with seven unique choreographic voices; material was researched and gathered through one-week sessions with each of the collaborators. The fruits of these sessions were then taken by myself, the ‘interpreter’ and building from the essence of each week’s experience, a formula of choreographic ‘mixing’ was created. An analogy would be that of a DJ who has the freedom to use pre-existing material to create his own new mix or product, which, while still imbued with all the separate pieces becomes in the end, uniquely his own. Interpreter/collaborator becomes choreographer, and then in turn becomes performer. Using this formula, I now have an unwitting collaboration, a deconstruction of the notion of an evening of mixed work arriving at one collective piece, a radical subversion of the oft-used formula where a group of dancers help to generate material for one choreographer.


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