Fabrik Potsdam.


arrived at airport – Sven was a little late – was not worried I had a feeling that that could happen.

feel like it makes sense to my life at the moment to be not sure what to expect … of myself

first impressions:

pretty – water, nature, close by – people out and about – like a place might be in the summer.   People ready and helpful in terms of finding my way around – wonder if it would be better even if I could remember the name of a street. –

time to live – time to explore – time to get lost and time to get bored.

the streets turn me around – I can guarantee that I will get lost for a while – there are no landmarks that I can figure out yet

it is like arriving at a new place and there is the chance and time for being lost – a chance to discover yourself again…  I guess I am glad to be here alone as in there is the possibility to do that my way – plan for tomorrow – get a little lost again, get a phone card, some sopping and studio time – studio time early if possible.  get in touch with thea on Skype. get a map

duration – what it feels like to surround my self

Looking for Beauty – looking for ways to extract pleasure from every moment.

“Open the doors slowly , carefully so the lonlieness does not pounce on you.  –   Solitude is a craft.”

alone – looking for self – stripped away from all the poles that hold us together that ground us – but some how we are faced with who and what we are, it is hidden around every corner, who we meet who we connect to, who we look to/for.  Notice beauty – even look for it in everything , ride around getting to understand the topography.

Creating a solitary experience – some kind of displacement – a way to take the time to understand or contextualize what is perceived.

beauty money food comfort body

long sleeve button down shirt and loose fitting pants, comfort, so I can mover at the same time.

image of a guy in a smal boat slowly and not to very efficiently moving across

curious continuous study

incidents of infants boiling alive in cars

black marked italy

Putin makes gay illegal

Mountain of Radioactive waste on a fault line

de-salinatiation of the oceans polar ice caps , exploited cellphone metal mineing, clothing industry dredging the great barrier rieef all the bees are dying.

3 Hrs …. – warm up 1/2 hr, improvise 15 min to get the juices going, 15 min talk, 5 min pea, 1 hr and 55 min left.


A whole other thing …

“Redemption or Madness”

It is the end … – I will proceed with the statement “what if dance is the only thing left in the world” from which we can rebuild.  Will it be enough, will we find redemption or will we be driven to madness.

This will be a continued investigation based on 2 weeks of research with Marco Agostin (Italy) in Vancouver BC at the Dance Centre – through Tryptich organized by Cirquit-Est – and continued in Fabric Potsdam (Germany) with (Thea Patterson) in July 2013.

Performers:  TBC

Lighiting, sound – TBC

C’est la fin … – Je vais procéder à la déclaration «si la danse est la seule chose qui reste dans le monde” à partir de laquelle nous pouvons reconstruire. Sera-ce suffisant, allons-nous trouver la rédemption ou serons-nous amenés à la folie.
Poursuite de l’enquête basée sur 2 semaines de recherche avec Marco Agostin (Italie) à Vancouver BC au Centre de danse – à travers Tryptich organisé par cirquit-Est – et était continué à  Fabrik Potsdam (Germany)  avec (Thea Patterson) en Juillet 2013.

Point of departure – the end is here and dance is the only thing left and will save the world

I am drawn to the present finality of  “the end of the world”.  In a time when everything is drawing to a close – environmental catastrophe, economic crisis … Really I am curious about how this affects how we interrelate – co-habit space and time …  Is this any different from any other period in history or is everything more pertinent at this moment?  What I mean to propose is that seeing as “the end is near” what if we “go for it” – and … what if we don’t…

 “repetition, duration and rigor”:

I would put forward the hypothesis that we are drawn to repetition, pattern, order, a desire to understand.   I will explore this.  When is repetition clear enough?  I propose the idea that if repetition is vague enough to make understanding difficult; but clear enough to inspire a desire to understand, it draws in a viewer/spectator so they have an experience beyond sitting back and seeing a pattern.  They are asked to submerge deeper and look for the pattern they are trying to understand, they become active.

Duration – I would look at repetition to the point of tediousness and transformation. How much can I accomplish with as little as possible and perhaps how we experience accumulation over time.

I am interested in rigor.  By rigor I mean hard work and attention to detail.  I am looking for metaphors for rigor as in “the protestant work ethic” where there is no flash, there is no sparkle – I am drawn to the breakdown when “time runs” out, when a catharsis is reached. My hypothesis is we know time will run out but yet we go on trudging along – we try to deny it, we distract ourselves, but yet we know we are progressing towards the end. I am interested in methods of coping – eg. work, entertainment, sex …

I am interested in exploring a body that is engaged and prepared to move in any direction at a given time. I am looking to recognize pathways and tendencies, in other words which way the body desires to move and why. With this I am studying body movement and architecture in relationship to its environment, different tensions that are created according to angle, proximity and what part of the body is relating to its environmental architecture.

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