Performance work by Peter Trosztmer


see photographs of EESTI: Myths and Machines.

“Une pièce magnifique, mon coup de cœur de l’automne … La danse, le texte, l’environnement sonore et visuel se font écho avec une rare cohérence et une grande poésie.”- Frédérique Doyon – Le Devoir

“One of those rare performances that fill you up so that you’re brimming … easily one of the best productions of the year.” – Philip Szporer – Dance Current

“…un hallucinant solo… à la fois lumineux et bouleversant.” – Natalia Wysocka –

Top 5 choreographies of 2011 – Fabienne Cabado – Voir

5 0ut of 6 machines – will be presented in the fall of 2013 Sept – 5,6,7 with Les escales improbables

 EESTI:”Myths and Machines Halifax St John’s Parsborough

I have a fascination with performance and sculpture using found objects and sound, integrating elements within a specific environment.   I dream of traveling to other cities/places, and setting up an instillation/dance performance in a site using found materials, this performance would evolve over a duration collaborating with a local lighting artists.  (culmination in a lasting sound light sculpture installation that would be connected to a dance performance)

– I have begun the initial research phase of a sound/dance performance with (Sound Artist Zack Settel).  The “SAT”  in Montreal and University of Montreal have invited us to use their facilities for this research.  The project focuses on a audiovisual, music-dance performance, with the use of a novel spatial interface that supports the physical manifestation of sounds, offering tactile relationships for the manipulation of musical material.  We will explore new idea’s about coupling movement and music, and investigate new modes of composition, improvisation, interpretation, mixing and remixing etc.

Last summer I returned from Bossano Italy (a beautiful place even with the summer heat) doing a choreographic residency under the mentorship of Ginelle Chagnon that continued into the fall and early winter in Canada.  The residency is part of a co-operative effort  set up with Guy Cools between The Dance Centre in Vancouver, Cirquit Est In Montreal, and OperaEstate in Bossano Italy.  This summer I am in Potsdam Germany.  With the support of Sven Till and the administrave gagne here at Fabrik. I will begin further research into new idea’s with Dramaturge Thea Patterson.

The work is going well and I am excited about the connections I am making between earlier and very fresh ideas.

thank you very much for your interest in my work, and for your strong advocacy for dance and performance.